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Catalogue May 2016

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Auction May 2015
Antique coins (1-742)
Dutch Provincial coins (800-1966)
Bat. Rep. and Netherlands single lots (2000-2892)
Netherlands books & boxes (2900-3578)
Foreign coins single lots (3600-4708)
Foreign coins books & boxes (4800-5863)
Medals (5900-6832)
Decorations (6900-7000)
Miscellaneous (7100-7419)
Banknotes Netherlands and World (7500-7945)
Book & Lots Banknotes (7946-8220)
Coins & Medals mail bids only (8300-9240)


During the auction, all our are auctioned at our office in IJsselstein as via ouronline auction system.
Click here for registration and the online auction.

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