Saturday November 17 Munten buitenland in albums 437 kavel TRUE Inzet Munten buitenland in albums Africa 6800 Collection Cameroun, French Equatorial Africa, Central African Republic, Cape Verde & Comoros incl. several Essais 500 6801 Very interesting collection Belgian Congo, Congo and Zaire incl. two essais and some tokens. Also Katanga, Zambia and a substantial collection of southern Rhodesia. Several scarcer issues mule Zambia/ Suriname and nice quality to be found 400 6802 Several countries in one album: Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Gabon (incl. 5000 Franc Pattern Pompidou 1971) 200 Algeria 6803 Very interesting collection in album. 18th- 20th cent incl. very interesting tokens 500 Angola 6804 Very interesting collection 18th – 20th cent incl. some countermarked coins. Copper, silver, better conditions etc. ao. 4 Macutas 1784, 6 Macutas 1784, 8 Macutas 1783, Prova 2½ Escudos 1967, etc 600 Arabian Empires 6805 Mixed lot of Oriental coins, incl. Islamic AE falus (10) and Ghaznavid AR dirhams (2); South India, RajaRaja Chola, AE kahavanu (2); Japan, AR 10 sen (5) Ceylon, Polonnaruva period from 11th to 13th cent. AD, AE massa (8), India, Negapatnam, VOC doit, ND (c.1695) Scho.1245; Juchid (Khans of the Golden Horde), ca. 650-886, AR dang (10) - ca. 38 coins50 50 Argentina 6806 Very nice collection 19th – 20th cent. Argentina incl. some earlier coins (Cordoba). Misstrikes and a very nice selection of tokens. 800 6807 Collection Argentina, collected by year, starting 1822 incl. Buenos Aires 50 Australia 6808 Very nice collection with 2 pages of privat trade issues and a very decent collection of more modern coins in above average condition incl. Andor Meszaros Dollar 1967 1000 6809 Collection coins Australia in 2 albums, collected by year between 1911 and 2007 125 6810 Collection coins Canada in album by year, added some envelopes and FDC’s and coins USA 100 6811 Collection coins Australia and New Zealand in album by year 40 Austria 6812 Nice collection 17th - 20th cent incl. better dates, better conditions and scare coins. Also incl. set 2 Shillings 1928-1937 800 6813 Very interesting collection of Austrian coins, largely collected by year up to 20 Schillings 200 6814 Complete set 25 Shillings, 50 Shillings and some of the 100 Shillings 200 6815 Collection coins Austria in album, collected by year incl. Salzburg 100 Bahamas 6816 Album various coins from the Bahamas 150 Baltic States 6817 Collection coins Estonia, Lavia and Lithuania in album 50 Belgium 6818 Very nice collection Belgium incl. Austrian Netherlands, Kingdom, Gent, Liege and various tokens, Siege of Antwerp. Careful inspec- tion recommended! 1000 6819 Large collection coins Belgium, from 1 Cent up to 500 Francs in 3 well filled albums, collected by year in Dutch and French with a large amount of silver coins 700 6820 Album with Belgian 5 Francs Leopold I 1867-1876, added some American silver Dollars 500 6821 Album with errors and varieties incl. frappe medailles. Very interesting and very rare. Ca. 74 ex. 400 6822 Collection modern issues 1936 onwards incl. scarcer varieties, tokens and an admission set for the Antwerp zoo. 300 6823 Collection coins Belgium by year in album 100 6824 Collection Belgium in album, collected by year with silver 100 6825 Lot with coins Belgium, also with some silver coins and banknotes 50 6826 Collection coins Belgium and Luxemburg by year in album 30 6827 Collection coins Belgium, 1 Cent to 5 Francs in 2 albums, collected by year in Dutch and French 25 Bermuda 6828 Album with several PROOF & BU coins large silver and from sets. Also British Virgin Islands incl. low mintage sets and British West Indies Anchor coinage 1/16 Dollar, 1/8 Dollar, ¼ dollar 300 Bolivia 6829 Large collection of mainly silver coins from Spanish colonial times to 1997. A very nice run of minors and large silver, many difficult to find with low mintages. Several silver tokens and Hacienda tokens as well. Careful inspection recommended 1000 Botswana 6830 Interesting album with coins from Botswana, Brunei, Bahrein, Burundi and Bangladesh. Scarce coins, commemorative silver and Es- sai from Rwanda-Urundi and a silver set from Ntrare V 200 6829